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TODO list
Docu how to rip gamedata from few games. More on request !

My description of FF7 P format
Upgraded description (ver2) of FF7 P format
Description of 3DF Helion format
Description of Warcraft 3 BLP file format.
Description of Warcraft 3 MDX file format.
Description of Final Fantasy 7 TEX file format.
Description of Final Fantasy 7 battle models structure
Description of Final Fantasy 7 field models animation file

Final Fantasy 7 monster database in pure text format. First two letters are id for battle files, then please ignore one letter, it is just my sign, then goes level, name, hp, morph item, area of stay, item to steal, if creature is manipulable (- means no, M means yes, and space means that i dont know), and then some other info, weakness, AP and so on. If there is something like HW then it means that the creature is weak against Holy and Water attacks.

Unmass archives descriptions.

One Must Fall 2097 moves list that I have discovered & tested with my bro.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy moves list, same for this great game.

Subtitles to Tomb Raider the Movie, in slovak language

Description of models inside the char.lgp for FF7.