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So here are some programs. Some useful, some useless; you decide.
Few of them are old-style command line exes, so if you are running them from windows, it's better to run command line window (Menu/Run... command ) and to run them from there.


Leviathan - is Final Fantasy 7 monsters database. It displays you creatures from the game along with some monster informations. Screwed positions are fixed on most of the creatures in latest version, textures are displayed, but still no animations.
New things from version 0.4: displays textures and original in-game monster info. Saved positions from version 0.3 and newer are not compatible with older ones.

windows versions:
Leviathan v0.41 278kb
Leviathan v0.4 274kb
Leviathan v0.3 160kb
Leviathan v0.24 160kb


Biturn - is converter of 3D files and Bitmaps. It works with most used file formats and also can work with formats from various games ( see table below ).
If you want to extract data from games, try reading my
gamedata document for a guidelines. If you work with 3dsMax 5 and you don't have support for .ASE file format then download this ASE import / export plugin for best data support.
Simon Engledew has recompiled ASE plugin also for 3dsMax 6 and 7, you can download it here: ASE plugin for 3dsMax 6 and 7.

More screenshots.

windows versions:
Biturn 0.88 470kb ( has problem with FF7 skeletons, use older versions)
Biturn 0.87 beta 4 470kb
Biturn 0.87 beta 3 440kb
Biturn 0.87 beta 2 440kb
Biturn 0.87 440kb
Biturn 0.86 alpha 3 430kb
Biturn 0.86 alpha 2 325kb
Biturn v0.85 290kb
Biturn v0.84 alpha 4 280kb
Biturn v0.831 190kb
Biturn v0.83 190kb
Biturn v0.824 182kb
Conv v0.81 120kb

Here is a list of supported formats with features:
3D file supported attributes: G - geometry ( vertices and polygons ), M - materials, S - skelet, T - textures, A - animation
Bitmap attributes: P - Picture, A - Alpha

3D Formats reading writing
3D Studio - ASCGMGM
3D Studio - 3DSGMGM
3DS Max ascii - ASEGMTGMST
Direct X ascii - XGM-
Final Fantasy 7 battle - ??AAGMSTA-
FF7 field - HRC, RSDGMSTA-
Helion - 3DFGMGM
HalfLife - MDLGMSTA-
Jawed - JAWGG
Lightwave - LWOGMGM
Lightwave 6.5+ - LWOGMSTGMST
Milkshape ascii - TXTGMGM
Milkshape - MS3DGMGM
? - MONGM-
Oolg text format - OFFGG
Oni character model - ONCCGTS-
Oni model - M3GMGT-
Open Flight - FLTGMT-
Quake 1 model - MDLGTA-
Quake 2 model - MD2GTA-
Quake 3 model - MD3GTA-
raw 3d polygons - RAWGG
Revolt - MG-
Requiem - MDLG-
Rhinoceros - 3DMG-
SoftImage asci - XSIGMTGMT
Truespace - COBGM-
Turbo Silver - IOBGM-
Viper Racing - MODGTGT
Virtua Fighter 1 - BING-
Wavefront - OBJGMTGMT
Warcraft 3 - MDXGMT-
Bitmap - BMPPAPA
Cell - CELPP
Etherlords - MMPPA-
Final Fantasy 7 - TEXPAPA
Final Fantasy 8 - MIMPA-
Final Fantasy 8 - TIMPA-
Jpeg - JPGP-
Megaman Legends - TMP-
Oni big texture - TXMBPA-
Oni texture - TXMPPAPA
Pixel map - PPMPP
SGI bitmap - RGBPAPA
Viper Racing - TEXPAPA
Warcraft 3 - BLPPAPA
World of Warcraft - BLPPAPA
Z80 screen - SCRP-
Mafia - 555PA-
Adobe Photoshop - PSDPAPA
Direct X texture - DDSPAPA


Unmass - is proggy that can extract files from those big game files, which are in fact archives. Most of the extracted files can be viewed through any graphic viewer, but some are in special game formats, which can be usually viewed through Biturn (above).

Here is a list of supported games:
Eudemons Online
Crismon Land
Baldur's Gate 2
Civilization 4
Doom (WADs)
Duke Nukem 3D (not working yet)
Dune 2
Etherlords 2 (no data viewers available though)
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Knights of Xentar (no data viewers available though)
Metal Gear Solid (DARs)
Moorhuhn 2 & 3
Megaman Legends
Operation Flashpoint
Princess Maker 2 (no data viewers available though)
Quake 1
RollCage (no data viewers available though)
Unreal Tournament umods
Virtua Fighter bitmaps
MEA exe's
some economy file format

windows versions:
Unmass w0.92 86k
Unmass w0.82 84k
Unmass w0.8 84k
Unmass v0.77
dos versions:
Unmass v0.2 26k

Unmass source code is released under GNU GPL license, you can get it in the Code section.
Some ripping-helping tools 54k (dos/console) - a few i created to make my life of ripping easier. ( graphic data View, Xor, Filet for file manipulation, hex2float & nuview for numeric file viewing, rnm for renaming files ).

All programs are compressed with Rar archiver

If you find any bugs, or you have some requests, please mail me about them on address 'mirex(on server)centrum dot-character sk', or post them in my TODO list.